How to Get Free Lifetime Windows 10 RDP VPS Setup

What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol, or standard, technology for remote desktop use. Remote desktop software can use several different protocols, including RDP, Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), and virtual network computing (VNC), but RDP is the most widely used protocol. The RDP was originally released by Microsoft and is available for Windows operating systems, but may also be used with Mac applications.

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How does the RDP Work?

The RDP Protocol opens up a dedicated network channel for sending data back and forth between connected devices (remote desktop and current computer). It always uses 3389 network port for this purpose. RDP also encrypts all data so that public internet connection is more secure.


  • Fast internet
  • Remote Desktop App (Android)
  • VPN ( android / windows )

Rules :-

  1. RDP Start but you do not use will be banned your System .
  2. Do not use for useless work
  3. Will use if necessary
  4. Will not use for bad deeds
  5. Follow Online Hacking

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Setup Video :-

In this video, I will show How to Free Windows RDP Desktop : https://youtu.be/uJHlhtorjTQ


Setup & Run Free Windoes 10 RDP (Remote Desktop) :-


Free RDB can be used in a very simple and good way. Follow one step by step at a time.

Step 1 :- From the website where you can get RDP, I want to give it to you for free. I want to give it to you. You have to open it from that link


Step 2 :- First click on this link and wait for 10 second. The link will be given to you by Checking Link and it will be taken to heart. Go there and sign up for a new account & Login.

Login With Google Login With Github


Step 3 :- First Time Once logged in, you have to fill in your First name, Last name, Display name, Role, Relationship to Cisco and patriotism there, fill in your address.



Step 4 :- Then you may have to wait for 1 minute to 5 minutes. Your account is being created and the RDP page will be redirected.


Step 5 :- If you don’t redirect to RDB page, click on this Login link again and wait for 10 seconds, you will be redirected.



Step 6 :- After that you will have Reserve Button at the top right. You have to book some time for your Windows and system by clicking there.


Step 7 :- Then a new display will open and it will show you how much time you have been given there and then you have to book by clicking the Reserve Button.


Step 8 :- This will show where the Reserve Button was. This rdp will take 19 minutes to setup and install, so wait 19 minutes.


After 19 Minutes



Step 9 :- To connect RDP, you need a professional VPN. If you don’t connect VPN, you won’t be able to connect anymore.

VPN Download for Your System :-

Download VPN Android Download VPN Windows VPN macOS

Step 10 :- Chack Output Button and Click Output Button



And to connect your VPN there will be given VPN Netwoek ID (Server Address), username, and password. You need to connect VPN by copying and pasting more. Open VPN and Add VPN connect and Enter Server Address  Click connect and Enter ,username and password.

Step 12 :- After vpn connect. Open Remote Desktop App Enter IP or Username and Password. 👇

Component IP Address Method Username Password
UCS Director SSH root UCSD!321
UCS Director HTTPS shelladmin ciscopsdt
UCS Director HTTPS admin ciscopsdt
UCS Manager 1 SSH ucspe ucspe
UCS Manager 1 HTTPS ucspe ucspe
UCS Manager 2 SSH ucspe ucspe
UCS Manager 2 HTTPS ucspe ucspe
UCS Central SSH admin ciscopsdt
UCS Central HTTPS admin ciscopsdt
Windows RDC developer fWd5HPHb
CentOS SSH developer C1sco12345

💥 Boom your Windows 10 RDP has been connected and follow rules.

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