How To Access Inspect & Developer Tool On Mobile Browsers

Recently, I was working on a side project with some friends. Unfortunately my PC was damaged during the covid-19 epidemic and I couldn’t fix it due to shutting down, so I had to use codes on my cell phone .

Somehow, my code works well offline, but for some reason, it did not work well
And then I will need a dev tool to access the console and check for errors.

Some minutes later, I found it very possible to access the dev tool for mobile browsers via Eruda

As there is no official tool available for debugging web applications in mobile browsers. Js library called eruda fulfills this desire to remove error in web applications on mobile devices.

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Below is how you can do open the dev tool on chrome mobile browser Inspect on Mobile


Step 1 : Bookmark your current page by clicking the star ⭐ symbol from the chrome menu. After doing this, you should see a toast message Bookmarked with an edit button:


Click the  edit  option and change the bookmark details.


Mobile Dev Tool


URL (copy and paste code below): Inspect on Mobile

javascript: (function () {
var script = document.createElement(“script”);
script.src = “//”;
script.onload = function () {

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Step 2 : 

  • Visit the Your web page you want to inspect mode
  • Enter the Mobile Dev Tool Open keyword in the search bar (you should see the page we previously booked with the url starting with javascript: …) click the URL


  • Wait 3 seconds for the eRUDA icon to appear below
  • Click on the Tool icon to open your Inspect tool


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The features found in inspect mode
  • Console: Show JavaScript logs.
  • Items: Check the domain status.
  • Network: Show application status.
  • App: Display Local Storage, cookie info.
  • Information: Display url, user agent information.
  • Captions: Add the most used captions.
  • Sources: Html, js, css source viewer.

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