How to Create Free Windows RDP VPS With π–¦π—‚π—π–§π—Žπ–»

What a GItHub :

Free RDP – GItHub is a software development platform where users can participate in software development. Github is capable of more than just capturing source code, yet that is its main use. You will be able to access source code from around the world in a variety of programming languages ​​and frameworks, and collaborate on your project with other people from all over the world! All of this is accomplished through

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What is RDP :

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a Microsoft interactive protocol that allows the user to transfer the GUI desktop that runs on one Windows computer to another via a network connection. ## What is RDP? RDP is an abbreviation for Remote Desktop Protocol. The connection can be established directly via cable or indirectly via a network connection such as the Internet, which provides access to user-based graphics applications that run on a remote system, thus facilitating collaboration.

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First, you need to create a GitHub account:

Although GitHub requires a username, it gives you the option to choose your own because it is easy to change. In addition to the username, GitHub requires you to provide an email address in order to send you important information about your account and activity on the platform. After clicking GitHub Subscribe, we are directed to the registration page where we can complete our registration.




πŸ’  Free RDP via Github (CPU 2core – 7GB Ram – 256 SSD) πŸ’ 

GitHub, Inc. is an online hosting provider for software development and version control using Git. Provides distributed version control and Git source code management functionality, as well as its features. Remote Desktop Protocol is an interactive protocol developed by Microsoft that provides the user with a visual image to connect to another computer via a network connection. The user is using the RDP client software for this purpose, while another computer must use the RDP server software.

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  1. Github Account
  2. Ngrok Account
  3. Remote Desktop App (Android/Windows)


  • Simple creation, unlimited quantity
  • 7GB RAM
  • 2 CPU
  • 255 GB HDD
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Download speed 75Mb/s


  • Can only be used for 6 hours
  • Remote speed is not as fast as Google’s VPS




⭕️ Notice : With github, now everyone is taking rdp for free, suspending accounts, and suspending free RDP Tool. (Suspend your account)


1 : Fast go to Github.com and Login Account. you have not account. Create New Github Account Using Gmail


2 : I’m send github Windows RDP tool add you github account. Click Fork ButtonΒ & add tool your github account.

Get RDP Tool

free rdp

2 : RDP Tool add successfully. click ActionsΒ Button ( I understand my workflows, go ahead and enable them )Β 


3. Click on Windows-CRD (This workflow has aΒ workflow_dispatch event trigger.) and Click Run workflow Again. fill the following data in CRD Code and your Pin .

free rdp

4.Β  ( Enter CRD code ) Open & Start Cloud Remote Desktop Tool Server. Click This Chrome Remote DesktopΒ Button. Click Begin Button, Click Before Button , Click Authorize Button. Copy β€œWindows (PowerShell)” Code and Paste on the CRD Code Box.

Chrome Remote Desktop Server

5. Enter any 6 Digit number and Create PIN for The Remote Computer Connect. and click Run workflow


6. (Reload web Page)Β  and chack new one Windows-CRD add for your Actions Tab. and click Windows-CRD & Click build ButtonΒ and wait setup your Windows RDP.

7. Done Keep Alive . Open Chrome Remote Desktop Server click this button.

Chrome Remote Desktop

8.Β  Check New RDP add Your Chrome Remote Desktop Server. Click onlinr rdp server name


9. Enter Your Login 6 Digit PIN and login you RDP


10. Done Open Your Windows 10 RDP πŸ˜€πŸ˜

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