How to Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free Lifetime

If you are a free google drive user, you may know that a free google drive account limits 15 GB of space. To maximize the space for google drive, you need to upgrade to any of their paid programs. In this article, I will share with you the strategy to get unlimited Google Drive storage without upgrading to any paid program.

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How does the Google Drive Unlimited Storage Free strategy work?

Google offers unlimited storage options for educational institutions to offer their students unlimited storage options in their google drive account for educational purposes.

Students can get unlimited storage options by sharing their google drive email address on a web page. It automatically considers unlimited storage option for those students who have requested it without any confirmation.

When students submit a request to that web page, automatically add “Shared Drive” to the Google Drive student account where students can upload unlimited files without having to worry about storage issues. No matter what files are downloaded from these newly created Shared drives they will not be limited to personal google drive storage.

Also, any files uploaded to “My Drive” are listed within their google drive storage limit.

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What is the Drew Back of This Way?

There are many obstacles along the way. Make sure you understand all the obstacles before uploading any files to the newly created unlimited shared google drive.

1) This is a kind of trick / hack / loophole. This is only allowed for their college students to get this option. You are not a college student to create this account so keep that in mind.

2) You cannot keep your files private on this drive. Any files you upload to your newly created google drive account are visible to the college account manager. They can access all of your files.

3) Your newly created unlimited shared drive may move any movement. The College Administrator has permission to delete all of your uploaded files and your shared drive at any time.

Make sure you read and understand the dangers of this free google drive strategy before you start using this method.


How to Get Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage on your Account


Step 1 :- First, you must have a Gmail account for this process. So if you do not have a Gmail account you should create one first.

Step_2 :- Visit this web page – click here


Step 3 :- Click I accept the Terms button

Step 4 :- Fill in some basic information about yourself and your shared drive. using Copy and Paste 

  1. Shared Drive Name: Your Name
  2. Your Google Email Address: Your Gmail ID.

google drive unlimited storage

Step-5 :- Now that you have solved the captcha after solving it click the Find Button.


Step-6. After following the steps above you will need to open the official Google Drive website in any supported browser or you can also open the Google Drive application.

Step-7. After you open a website or application you will need to sign in with the same email id that you entered on the white drive application form.


Step_8. After logging in, go to the Folders section. you will find another option added to your Google Drive name as a sharing drive.

google drive unlimited storage

Step 9. Whatever is uploaded to your Google drive, move it to a shared drive. Your shared drive will not consume your Google Drive storage and you can upload unlimited file to your shared drive without any storage limit.


Step_10. Now try uploading the file to your shared drive and check, use your Gmail storage or not when eating so please follow the steps above again.

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