How to Install & Run Ubuntu on Android Termux No Root

Android itself is a good operating system for Smartphones. It gives you flexible controls and a wide range of customization options by installing third-party applications (APKs) from the Google Play Store. As amazing as that is, it comes with some privacy.

Almost every Android app these days is requesting phone storage, location and camera access permissions which is questionable and secret night.

This is where Ubuntu 20.04.1 (Command Line Interface) comes in. Personality is a widely used GNU Linux taste that is easy to use and compatible with most devices. By installing Ubuntu Linux on our Android phones we can simplify, use and schedule multiple daily tasks and save phone battery life at the same time.

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Well Ubuntu 21.04 or Ubuntu Hirsute Hippo is the latest version available for Android and works very well without root. Why not give it a try!

Before installation make sure your device is aarch64 (64bit) to install and should have 4-5gb free space.

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Required :-

  1.  Termux App
  2.  VNC Viewer App
  3.  Internet 1700 MB

Installation & Setup Install Ubuntu on Android

open Termux App & run all command

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Step 1:- Before installing any tool we need to reset the dependency so that the tool does not cause errors during operation. This command will reset the termux Dependency so we will not find any errors while installing the tool.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 2:- This command will include a package that will allow us to download projects in the Repository. After installing the above programs, initially use the call command to install the required dependencies

pkg install git curl -y 
 apt install proot-distro pulseaudio
 apt install curl wget proot-distro -y 


Step 3: – After that you have to install rootfs, which are about 1.7GB so make sure you have good internet connection. And don’t forget to enable wake lock on termux which can be very helpful.

 curl -L -o


Step 4: – To use this tool you must use the bash file in termux and the tool will automatically install the requirements and after installation, it will use the actual tool.



Step 5: –  Install ubuntu with this command. Using this Command

 udroid --install 
 udroid -l xfce4


🔰 Starting GUI (VNC) Install Ubuntu on Android

All packages are pre-installed, just execute vncserver and connect to port localhost:1. And VNC Server password is set now.


Open VNC Viewer App And login you account & add new Name : Ubuntu , Address : localhost:1

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✅ Basic Usage

Command Usage
udroid To login to shell
udroid upgrade to upgrade fs or to get new features if available
startvnc start vncserver at port 1 (you can change default port by exporting env varaible DEFAULT_VNC_PORT to a port number)
udroid stopvnc stop vncserver at given or default port 1
udroid --enable-dbus To start udroid with dbus hack enabled
udroid --enable-dbus-vnc To start vnc session with dbus hack enabled

🔊 Audio

Step : –  PulseAudio starts every time you ask for the first instructions with udroid. You can start the sound manually with this command

Firefox with Sound :

  1. Firefox Browser Search Bar type about:config
  2. Search sandbox
  3. media.cubeb.sandbox = false
  4. security.sandbox.content.level = 1
  5. close and restart beowser & chack sound
 pulseaudio --start --load="module-native-protocol-tcp auth-ip-acl= auth-anonymous=1" --exit-idle-time=-1 


❌ VNC Server Killed & Stop 

 vncserver -kill :*


Setting up Xwayland manually

First up of all install Termux-x11 from above link, in termux use

XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=$PREFIX/bin Xwayland -ac :1 > /dev/null &

This time start udroid with

proot-distro login udroid --shared-tmp

And then start Xfce4 on Xwayland via

DISPLAY=:1 xfce4-session

Default Passwords

udroid user secret
vncserver root secret

Screenshots : –




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