XLR8_BOMBER – Superfast SMS and Call bomber for Linux & Termux

What is XLR8_BOMBER – SMS and Call bomber 

If you know about hacking you know that, one of the most deadly hacker attacks is Dos attacks (refusal to work). XLR8_BOMBER is a Dos SMS attack tool, sends 100 SMS and calls to someone so they can’t use their phone properly. If you like T-Bomb you will love this tool too.

XLR8_BOMBER Termux – SMS and Call Bomber Termux
You can use this tool to do tricks but don’t use this tool to hurt anyone. Improper use of this tool will cause many problems such as if someone’s phone receives this spam SMS then they may miss some important messages.

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XLR8_BOMBER is a free and open source tool available on GitHub. This is a great tool for doing some tricks for someone.  You should make sure you always have the latest version of XLR8_BOMBER from GitHub so you don’t have to cling to the functionality of the tool. This tool is used to make call and SMS calls to targeted phone numbers.

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Termux Issue:

  • Termux App is no longer getting
  • updates on playstore
  • due to recently introduced Google Play policy

You can download the latest termux app and install it link

Installation XLR8_BOMBER – SMS and Call bomber 


Step 1:- Before installing any tool we need to reset the dependency so that the tool does not cause errors during operation. This command will reset the termux Dependency so we will not find any errors while installing the tool.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 2:- This command will include a git package that will allow us to download projects in the GitHub Repository. just copy and paste this command and the git will be inserted into your termux.

pkg install git -y && pkg install wget -y
 pkg install python3 -y

Step 3: – The git-clone command will download the XLR8_BOMBER project to the GitHub repository. Just copy and paste this command into termux and the tool will be loaded in 10 seconds.

git clone

Step 4: – Now we need to change the direction to the XLR8_BOMBER folder if you do not understand this command


Step 5: – To use this tool you must use the file in termux and the tool will automatically install the requirements and after installation, it will use the actual tool. Remember that when you restart the termux you will have to first change your direction to the XLR8_BOMBER folder and follow these steps.

bash xlr8

Step 6: – Now you need to select option 1 SMS and call the bombs just type one and press enter to start SMS and call the bombs.

Step 7: – Here you will need to enter the phone number Victim, If you are Indian you can write the phone number directly without the country code but if you are outside India, try this tool with your country code, if it does not work then you have TBOMB and yetothersmsbomber. after entering the phone number and pressing to enter, SMS floods will start and if you want to stop there you will need to press CTRL + C on your keyboard.

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XLR8_BOMBER tool is an Awesome tool, you can do a good SMS flood with this tool, If the T-Bomb tool does not work for you you can use this tool instead.The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is designed for India. Please Never Miss – Use any of the tools or it will cause you a lot of problems. Stay Morally. Thanks for reading again If you have any questions or find any problem while installing the tool and commenting below I will be happy to help you.

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